Road Trip!!!!

On to week four (Week 4, Day 2, Nov. 14, 2014) of my new ‘get in shape’ campaign. So far. So good, but now comes the hard part,

I begin traveling with the University of Utah women’s basketball tomorrow for the 2014-15. Since I’m the team’s publicist, I get to go along with them to their games – first up is Creighton in Omaha, Neb., on Thursday, Nov. 20 at 7:05 p.m. CT and then on to the University of Nebraska on Sunday, Nov. 22 at 1 p.m. CT.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun group to be with and I’m grateful for the opportunity, but between now and March, there will be a lot of temptations (junk food, fast food, etc.) to derail me.

I’m proud of my success to this point. Since Sept. 22, 2014, when I started to post #tweetyourweight a few times a week on Twitter, religiously using WeightWatchers, shopping at Whole Foods and working out consistently, I have lost 15.7 pounds (started at 322.9 and now at 309.2). But by no means, am I content.

Quick side note, I got the #tweetmyweight idea from one of my favorite writers, Deadspin’s Drew Magary.

Here’s my workout for Nov. 18, 2014

Leg Press                         3×12 270
Leg Extensions                 3×10 110
Leg Curls                          3×12 10 110
Calf Raises                       3×10 90
Walk on treadmill for 30 min. @ 3.0 MPH

It may seem lame, but here’s a clip from the Joe Rogan Experience that has really motivated me throughout these last four weeks.

I guess I always knew deep down how important nutrition and exercise are, but to hear it summed up like that finally hit home for me. Thinking of my body as a race car, if you don’t push it, build it and give it the right kind of fuel or else it will turn into a lump of crap, really made an impact on me for whatever reason.

And Rogan is right, I do feel better physically and thinking more clearly.

Why post all of this on social media you may ask? The reason for using social media has been to hold myself accountable and to help me track my progress. I was surprised when I heard people commenting about my #tweetyourweight updates. I really didn’t think anyone was reading them! Haha! But accountability has been something that has been lacking in my previous ‘shape up’ attempts so I really have to stick with this, even if it clogs up your timelines. Haha!

The first trip to Nebraska should be a good one! My parents are road tripping themselves down from Wisconsin and on Saturday we’re going to take in the Minnesota at Nebraska football game at Memorial Stadium.

And I leave you with my current favorite power song! WHERE MY DOGS AT! Arf! Arf!


Author: Mike DeVine

Writer and Editor. History buff. Doing sports things. Film fan. University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate [B.A. English '06]. @UWAlumni Lifetime Member.

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