Is this thing on?

Some friends and I went to see Duncan Trussel and Joey Diaz at the Wiseguys Comedy Club in West Valley on Friday night. AND. IT. WAS. AWESOME!

Image Image

This was my first comedy club experience and I was in awe of how willing they were to say whatever they wanted to. Numerous cuss words and embarassing situations were the norm. The phrase “anything for a laugh” came to life. On several podcasts by Joe Rogah and Jay Mohr, the energy and connection between the performer and the audience. It was a great experience to see the joy in the audience as these two veteran professionals at work. I also admired how quick they are to play off their audience go with the flow and adjust to any situation — like hecklers or people going up to use the bathroom in the middle of a set.

But you could also imagine that if an off night happened to occur, that energy could quickly turn into awkward tension. That must be why those guys are constantly writing and perfecting the setup and delivery of their jokes.

If I was a comedian, I would attempt the “dry” approach like Mitch Hedburg. I think that would lend itself well to my sarcastic (but not bitter) wit and unassuming style. I think I’ll start writing some jokes and try them out on here …Image   


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