Discipline Check-In

I’m a little short of a week into Sober October. In addition to the obvious requirement of no beer or booze, I came up with a list of 15 tasks that I need to complete every day. Here is a status check of how I’m doing after six days:

Wake up before 6 a.m.                                                                        2          /           6
Make bed                                                                                            6          /           6
Shave                                                                                                  6          /           6
Five minutes of meditation                                                                 6          /           6         
No fast food                                                                                        6          /           6
Eat 30 carbohydrates or less                                                               6          /           6
Go to gym                                                                                           6          /           6
Drink 200 oz. of water                                                                        6          /           6
10,000 steps                                                                                        6          /           6
Write 200 words                                                                                 6          /           6
Read 25 pages                                                                                     6          /           6
Track food and exercise                                                                      6          /           6         
18 hours of Fasting (Six-hour feeding window)                                6          /           6
Stay up until 9 p.m.                                                                             6          /           6
DON’T BEAT MYSELF UP IF I DON’T DO A TASK                   6          /           6
                                                                                                            86        /           90

“Pretty pretty pretttttty good!” [Larry David voice]

The one things I slacked on was the wake up time. Since I’ve been trying to keep myself on the go throughout the day, I have been a lot more tired so I haven’t had the energy to argue with the body and get myself out of bed at 6 a.m.

But the most important task – DON’T BEAT MYSELF UP IF I DON’T DO A TASK – has been flawless and I am proud of that and I know I can keep that going throughout the rest of the month.

Start fast and FINISH STRONGER.


Author: Mike DeVine

Writer and Editor. History buff. Doing sports things. Film fan. University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate [B.A. English '06]. @UWAlumni Lifetime Member.

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