No matter what your age, you can make a difference.

“Parkland: The Birth of a Movement” by Dave Cullen is this year’s University of Wisconsin Alumni Association Go Big Read selection.

It is great that the “March For Our Lives” kids came together and took charge of changing how we here in the United States of America approach gun control and how we legislate laws that can bring sanity to fire arms and save lives.

I also thought about how no matter what your age, you will have detractors. I remember Jordan Peterson’s appearance on the Jocko Podcast where he took it upon himself to play gatekeeper about who’s allowed to have an opinion and make a difference. I believe he said something along the lines of they haven’t been through and accomplished enough in life to feel entitled to such a loud and emboldened stance on what should be a common sense stance.

Maybe these kids haven’t gone through divorces, been able to rent a car or have a foreclosure slapped on their home, but do you know what they have been through?

Being pinned underneath desks in their classroom for hours while a former schoolmate sprayed the freshmen building with bullets.

They’re entitled to their opinions.

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