This is not an official University of Wisconsin-Madison Health Services publication and is only intended to serve as a display of my writing ability.

Three steps needed to better evaluate risk.

MADISON, Wis. – Whether you plan to study abroad, take part in a community service mission, pursue a certificate in global health, vacation or visit friends or relatives in other countries, the University Health Services (UHS) Travel Clinic recommends that students schedule an appointment to assess their risk.

There are three types of appointments that can be reserved with the UHS Travel Clinic:

  1. Vaccinations Only: For students traveling to developed countries with minimal risk. UHS administers 14 different vaccinations and most require an additional fee.
  1. Travel Consultation and Vaccinations: For those needing recommendations, vaccinations and prescription medications for specific countries.
  1. Completion of forms, physical exam, travel consultation and vaccination: A comprehensive visit where required forms and a physical examination are completed for university programs, Visa applications, etc.

In order to obtain the most accurate assessment possible, students need to complete the Pre-Departure To-Do List:

  1. Complete the Travel Tutorial.

This resource will provide country-specific recommendations as well as illness prevention in each nation, which typically takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

  1. Review vaccination records

Check your current vaccination report on your My UHS page and if your information is not up to date, it is recommended that students check with current and/or past healthcare providers.

  1. Consult with insurance provider to see if required vaccinations will be covered.

For complete information on preparing for international travel, please visit the Travel Clinic home page.

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