Wisconsin School of Business Student Spotlight Introduction Revisions

This is not an official University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business publication and is only intended to serve as an exhibition of my writing ability.

Wisconsin School of Business

MBA Graduation Year: 2019 (3)

Erik Aellig
Erik is looking to advance in his company and obtain credentials for a high-level job abroad in the future. After one semester, he’s received a new job offer within his company and has improved his organizational and leadership skills.

Ashley Blinka
Four years into her current role, Ashley discovered that she was most passionate when she could develop talent and affect strategies and processes. At UW-Madison, she is honing her management skills and gaining new insights to improve her business ingenuity.

Tom Lea
A lifetime Badger relatively new to business, Tom knew he needed fresh skills to advance his career. Meeting likeminded professionals, finding a surprise passion in financial accounting, and gaining confidence in his business acumen helped him expand his influence.

MBA Graduation Year: 2018 (7)

Kim Bruksch
Armed with confidence after launching a major initiative in her previous position, Kim came to Wisconsin to cultivate her leadership prowess and develop the business skills she needs to make a greater impact in her company and community.

Julia Fillingame
Julia returned to Madison after extensive experience abroad to earn her MBA and advance her career. Specializing in nonprofits, microenterprises, and artisan cooperatives, she is building her leadership skills so she can become a more effective manager.

Jordan Lee
After 10 years in hospitality management, Jordan looked to advance beyond the limitations of her supervisory role. She has already taken a big step toward her management goal by assuming a new role with a state business development program.

Lauren Pedracine
Lauren has made two major career moves at Kohl’s since coming to Wisconsin. She was promoted from purchasing agent to senior purchasing agent before moving into marketing for her current Loyalty Coordinator position.

Jim Schadeberg
With a Bachelor of Business Education and experience as a financial analyst for Covance, Jim’s passion is evident. He is looking to diversify his skill set and equip himself to run his own company one day.

Ashley Sliter
Ashley improved her career soon after beginning the program at Wisconsin. She secured a new position during her first semester and continues to gain the necessary skills and experience to take her career to the next level.

Michael Zeamer
Michael wanted a broader perspective to expand his career options beyond his highly focused engineering background. He is receiving a broad-based business education at Wisconsin featuring collaborative learning, career planning, and networking that will help him advance.

MBA Graduation Year: 2017 (4)

Ali Baumgartner
After completing her undergraduate internship at Fiskars, Ali graduated and went on to work for the company. Just a couple years—and a promotion—later, Ali knew she didn’t want to wait to take her career to the next level.

Sam Harvey
Sam needed business knowledge to move into a new role after came from a non-business background. An industrial engineer with operations experience, he has already been promoted, moved into product management and started his own business since enrolling at Wisconsin.

Heather Kopec
Though she has undergraduate degrees in Art and Spanish, Heather wanted to open herself up to even more future opportunities. She knew she had the creative and communication skills to succeed, but wanted an increased focus on strategy and analysis.

Matthew Teresinski
Matthew earned a Bronze Star during seven years in the U.S. Army before moving to the next step of his life. He chose Wisconsin because the skills and network opportunities gained will take his career to the next level.

MBA Graduation Year: 2015 (2)

Ryan Derus
Starting as a laboratory technologist in healthcare, Ryan wanted to move into business strategy. He chose Wisconsin because he would be equipped with the versatile business skills he needed to switch careers and advance to a higher level.

Donovan Malloy
Donovan began his career in a human resources developmental program where he found he learned best by working with others to solve critical challenges. At his alma mater, he is elevating his reasoning and preparing to solve new challenges.


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