What kind of communicator am I?



I consider myself a personal communicator because I view listening as the most important element of communication in a professional setting.

Regardless of the strength of my preconceived notions, I forge emotional connections with my colleagues by considering all offered opinions during collaborations with my cohorts. I realize that everyone wants their voice to be valued so I make a concerted effort to recognize the contributions of others. I enjoy serving as a resource that my associates can use to vocalize their thoughts, feelings and assessments on a variety of issues.

After pooling all gathered information in my mind, I pause to perform a thorough revision of my initial reasoning and opinions before expressing them. Taking this moment to collect my thoughts ensures that this interaction leads to a positive outcome where practical ideas are generated and a negotiation ensues until an agreed upon solution is reached and a course of action is determined.

Following through and executing the formulated ideas is the most important phase. I guarantee that all individuals that I communicate with will be assigned a clear list of action items with accompanying deadlines to make sure that your organization achieves its goals.

My ability to listen, generate ideas and execute skills will prove to be efficient and effective. I will facilitate an environment where everyone involved can learn, share and create ideas in a free-flowing manner.

The three most important points to consider for effective organizational communication is built upon an emphasis on creativity, consistency and trust. All members must recognize that these components are essential to constructing and distributing powerful messages about the free and equitable access to educational and cultural content.

To set your organization apart and show its unique nature, it is necessary to cultivate an atmosphere where creativity regardless of media platform fuels a passion and an ability to harness imagination into vivid presentations using graphic design software programs.

My expertise in operating professional social media platforms that will translate into increased interaction for printed marketing collateral, email campaigns or social media platforms like on Facebook and Twitter along with all other emerging networks.

While illustrating the flare that sets your organization apart is essential to grabbing the attention of the public, it is equally as important to build a brand that people will recognize. Consistency is constructed by vivid yet cohesive campaigns on all media platforms. I will develop a base of best practices and principles that will inspire my colleagues to share the vision of your organization. My ingenuity in written content and through graphic design to originate and maintain synchronized online compositions using a variety of content management systems.

A bond of trust between all associates and members of the community is necessary to present unified and potent messaging that will promote racial equity and social justice with a sensitive outlook.

Creativity, consistency and trust are necessary to bolster an environment where patrons can learn state-of-the-art ideas and exchange innovative thoughts.



Author: Mike DeVine

Writer and Editor. History buff. Doing sports things. Film fan. University of Wisconsin-Madison Graduate [B.A. English '06]. @UWAlumni Lifetime Member.

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