Umatter Suicide Prevention Program Aims to Increase Awareness

This is not an official University of Wisconsin-Madison Health Services publication and is only intended to serve as a display of my writing ability.

UHS continues partnership with UW-Madison Suicide Prevention Council.

MADISON, Wis. – Asking a classmate for a copy of their notes in advance of an anticipated absence in a lecture. Staying in for a weekend to save money for spring break. These are just a few of the simple ways UW-Madison students may negotiate problems in advance. Yet mental health issues are often neglected because of social stigma and can leave behind tragic consequences if not addressed ahead of time.

University Health Services’ (UHS) Umatter initiative has collaborated with several groups to launch four multi-faceted campaigns to help students across campus.

Suicide Prevention Council

Monthly meetings during the academic year with personnel from different backgrounds help mold suicide prevention policies and procedures. For more information, visit the UW-Madison Suicide Prevention Council home page.


An online reference guide is available at all times for faculty and staff to build interaction with distressed students. It is recommended that every faculty and staff member complete a 45-minute education session on recognition, response and discussion, the reference process and building awareness. Visit the UW-Madison At-Risk home page for more information.

Red Folder

A brief, 15-minute summary of UHS suicide prevention services is also available to assist faculty and staff. A red folder complete with information about available resources throughout campus is distributed to help in identification and referrals.

Go Big Read

During the 2013-14 academic year, Ruth Ozeki’s A Tale for the Time Being was selected for the Go Big Read Common Reading Program. Students discussed a central figure’s contemplation and experiences with suicide among the books other topics during Wisconsin Welcome and in over 60 courses.


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