Top Opening Guitar Riffs

It’s undeniable. Your brain wastes no time in sending an ‘Oh #$*%!’ surge of adrenaline through your limbs. You can’t help by pick the cords on your imaginary axe and groove along. A spine-shivering guitar solo to open a song, however brief it may be, can burn its way into your conscious and become an immediate withdrawal from your memory bank like receiving your first […]

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First Day

Blocking the accomplishments and failures of his past that now seem more like out of body experiences described by Joyce Meyer than memories of his, he is solely focused on the ‘now.’ The grip of the steering wheel. The tight grip of the elastic at the top of his black dress lining around his calves. A silver watch he wore […]

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Three Elements for Effective Organizational Communication

The three most important points to consider for effective organizational communication is built upon an emphasis on creativity, consistency and trust. All members of your organization must recognize that each of these components are essential to constructing and distributing powerful messages about the free and equitable access to educational and cultural content. To set your organization apart and […]

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